Your Dream House

Let’s play a game. 

Take a moment and picture your dream house. Go ahead. Just close your eyes and think of exactly what your dream house looks like. A professional interior designer has already done the work. Notice all the details. Imagine how it looks on the outside, and then think of the interior. How many rooms does it have? How many bathrooms? Floors?  

Good. Now, we are going to challenge you and ask you to do this again.

Why? Well, the majority of the time, we filter our thoughts. Sometimes, when we are asked a question like the one we asked you, we don’t give an answer that is fully honest. We probably don’t even notice when we are doing this. Many of us probably tell ourselves that we are thinking about what is most likely to happen, what can happen.

But we didn’t ask you about the dream house that you feel you are most likely to have. We are asking about your dream house without any filters. If you could have absolutely everything you want in a house, what would you choose?

So let us ask you again, what does your dream house look like? There are no limits here. You can have anything you want, exactly how you want it.

How big is this house? How many bathrooms and bedrooms and floors does it have? Where is it located? What colors are used to paint it? Does it have a backyard? Is it on a farm? Does it overlook the water? How big is the kitchen? Does the house have any cool, unusual features?

If you could have literally anything you want when it comes to a dream house, what would you add to it? Answer this as thoroughly as possible. You can even write it down and hold onto the notes.

Now, let’s keep this game going. You have pictured the perfect home for you and your family. Next, we want you to imagine walking through this house. Think about what room would be your favorite, and picture yourself walking into it. Take a look around. What do you see? What makes this room safe and special for you?

Imagine that you find a mirror in this room and you take a look in it. See yourself here. Look at the person staring back at you. In the reflection, what are you wearing? How is your hair done? Do you look different than you do now?

You are seeing the version of yourself who was able to have this house. What brought you to this moment? 

Ask yourself what you have accomplished to allow you to own a home like this. Is it the same job you have now? Perhaps, you have a different job, a dream job.

Do you feel different than you usually do? What changed?

We are asking you many questions here, and we can guess that the question you probably have for us is: “Why are they asking me to do all of this?”

Well, as you know, we at C3 American Exteriors help to build the home of your dreams. For most companies, this may just be a phrase, but it is something that we take seriously.

You see, we believe in you. When we build your roof or renovate your house, we see this as more than just a project, more than just a job. Your home is important to us. Your family is important to us. 

You are important to us. 

We believe that you can accomplish any dream you set your mind to. Our goal is to make dreams come true, to give you a safe, happy place to raise a family. 

A house is not just a house. It is the place you come home to every night, a place where children are raised. So, why shouldn’t it be the home of your dreams?

We want to remind you to take yourself seriously, to not filter what it is that you truly want. So when someone asks you about your dream home, or job, or anything, we hope that you give yourself the courtesy of responding with an honest answer.

It is easy to lie to ourselves about what we want so that we aren’t let down if we can’t achieve that dream. However, you can reach any dream. You can meet any goal. You can have any home you want and we want to help.

Now, one more time, we ask you to picture your dream house. Don’t leave anything out. Notice every detail. You can write it all down, draw it out, or simply hold onto this image in your mind. You can keep adding to it as time goes on. 

We hope that some day, this is not just a thought, but that you realize you can have anything, do anything, that you want.

Remember, we believe in you.

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