Why is Former Major League Baseball Player Mike Devereaux in Our Roofing Commercial?

Today, we are here to answer the questions about why Mike Devereaux is in a roofing commercial. That’s right; former major league baseball player, Mike Devereaux, came to hang out with us recently, and he took the time to make a fun and enlightening commercial about roofing.

So, what does baseball have to do with roofing?

Let’s take a look!

Devereaux has been known to hit some amazing home runs. He’s even been inducted into the Baltimore Orioles Hall of Fame. As you can imagine, he has quite a swing, and the resulting hit would send a baseball flying at a speed that could cause some major damage. Imagine if that ball were to land on someone’s roof!

This can be compared to hail, fallen trees, heavy winds, and other disasters.

In our newest commercial, Mike demonstrates just how hard he can hit.

As the video begins, we see Mike playing baseball with a young player who challenges him, saying, “Alright old man, let’s see what you got.”

Devereaux replies, “Old man? You better watch your lips,” and sends a home run flying overhead.

Our younger player sheepishly watches as the ball speeds away, mumbling, “Not again.”

We then watch as the baseball crashed into a roof, interrupting a calm, quiet day for some innocent homeowners. A man calls out, “Honey, it’s happening again,” letting us know that this is an ongoing issue.

Luckily, as we then go on to explain, many situations that are out of your control can actually be covered by your insurance, allowing us to provide you with a brand new roof.

While you might not necessarily be likely to have a damaged roof from a former major league baseball player– although anything can happen– there are many other things that can negatively affect your house. This is where we come in.

We will work with your insurance company and we will do a full inspection of your roof to see how we can best serve you. Whether you are dealing with baseballs, hail, or anything of the sort, we are here to help.

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