Why Condensation Might Be a Sign to Replace Your Windows

Did you know condensation on your windows can be a sign that it might be time to replace them? Many homes have condensation buildup on their windows, especially when it is colder outside. This can be due to the inside of the house being warmer than the temperature outside. When this happens, moisture can build up along the window and window pane. This does not always mean that a window replacement is necessary, but it could be a sign that it is time to look into new windows. Let’s take a look at why window condensation can turn into a bigger problem:

  1. Buildup of Moisture: If you have a lot of condensation on your window, overtime, the moisture buildup can begin to grow mold. This can be very dangerous, causing health problems for those who live within the home.
  2. Poor Insulation: Condensation on your windows can be a sign that your home has poor insulation, and your windows might be the cause. Insufficient insulation can cause an increase in energy costs as your heat and air conditioning fight to keep up with maintaining proper temperatures in your home.
  3. Damaged Windows: Window condensation might indicate that your windows are damaged in some way. This includes warping, cracks, and so much more. If this is the case, your home can be exposed to the outer elements, causing poor insulation and energy efficiency. 
  4. Older Windows: As time goes on, windows can age and become less efficient. With age, you might find poor insulation and higher energy costs. If you have old windows and are seeing condensation forming on them, it might be time for replacements. 

Window condensation does not always mean that it is time for new windows, but it is important to look into the possibility to prevent any further problems from developing. If you have window condensation and are concerned that you might have a bigger issue, give us a call for a free inspection!

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