What to do if Your Roof Leaks

No matter how we care for our roofs, sometimes leaks just happen. While they are never fun to deal with, there are steps to take during a leak. Once you have located where the water is coming from, moved furniture out of the way, and placed a bucket beneath the dripping water, the next step would be to call a professional. 

So, what causes a leak in your roof? How is it fixed?

You might try to find what is causing the leak. If you have experience, and can safely do so, you might attempt to climb up a ladder to locate where the leak is coming from. If you notice any broken or bent shingles or obvious gaps in the roof, this might be your answer. If you have one, you may try to place a tarp over the hole to prevent further leakage while waiting for a professional. Having someone from a roofing company come to take a look can help you to figure out the next step.

You might simply need the hole patched up and new shingles put in place. If your roof is older, and there are further signs of damage, it might be time for a new roof. If this is the case, you should work directly with your roofing company to discuss insurance, your choices for a new roof, and what the next steps are. 

The good news is that many companies will offer free inspections and can guide you in the right direction.

If you have a leak, do not panic. However, you should act quickly to make sure the problem does not become any worse.

If you have questions about a possible leak in your roof, please give us a call so we can come and offer you a free inspection. We will then let you know what next steps to take and help you however you need.

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