What to do About Snow on Your Roof

Winter is such a fun time of the year. Who doesn’t love a good snow day?

It’s always so nice to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate, a warm blanket, and a good movie. It’s also a great time to play in the snow, making snow angels, building snowmen, and having a really fun snowball fight.

However, do you want to know what isn’t fun? Having roof damage from the snow.

You see, the same way that you practice safety and take caution when driving in the snow, your roof requires a lot of focus and attention to safety as well. 

As beautiful as it is to look up and see your house covered in white, fluffy snow, it just isn’t good for your roof. Letting the snow build up can cause damage. You might be stuck with leaks, no water, damage to your house structure, and so much more. Removing snow from your roof is imperative in preventing ice dams. 

We have shared with you in the past what to do to prepare your house for winter. However, what happens if you’ve prepared, but you still wind up with piles of snow on your roof? What should you do after the fact?

Read on to discover how to remove snow from your roof safely. In addition, make sure to keep in mind that your safety is most important. If something is too dangerous, or if you can’t do it safely, call the professionals. 

First things first, do not put salt on your roof. Salt can harm the material of the roof, changing the color of the shingles.

The best way to remove snow on your own is to get a snow rake. You can find many versions of these online, and they are the safest way to clean the snow from your roof. The best part is that you can use these rakes from the ground, avoiding having to climb up onto the roof itself. 

Another easy way to remove snow from your roof is by using hot water. If you can spray hot water onto the snow, you will be able to start to melt it.

You can also buy heated cables to prevent snow buildup and ice dams, however, these should be installed before a snowstorm. 

Finally, if you aren’t sure what to do, and if these tips haven’t helped you, call a professional. They are there to help!


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