What to do About Frozen Gutters

Have you ever had frozen gutters? If your answer is yes, you are probably aware of just how annoying this can be, and how much damage this can cause. Frozen gutters are also known as ice dams, and as we’ve said in previous blogs, ice dams are not your friend. 

When snow or ice melts into the gutters and then refreezes, it prevents anything from being able to properly drain from your roof. This can cause a backup of snow and water onto your roof, and eventually, your roof won’t be able to take the extra weight. This can result in leaks, broken shingles, and even holes in your roof.

So, how can you get rid of these annoying ice dams? Is there a way you can do this on your own at home?

Let’s look at a few DIY methods for how you can fix your gutters. Keep in mind, if you cannot safely and easily reach your gutters, it is better to call for professionals to come take a look. Your safety comes first and foremost, and an icy roof is not easy, nor safe, to climb.

If you can easily reach your gutters, you might try using boiling water and carefully pouring it into the gutters until the ice melts. You should have enough water to melt the ice throughout the entire gutter. Make sure you can see the water flowing through the bottom of it.

If you can reach, you can also try using a roof rake or a tall broom to clear the gutters out. This might be more difficult to do but if your roof is lower down, you can try and scrape the ice out.

If ice dams continue to be a problem, you might try investing in heated cables. While they cost a couple hundred dollars typically this is way cheaper than having to replace entire parts of your roof from damage.

Once again, if you find you are struggling with ice in your gutters, it is okay to call a professional. In fact, it is preferred, and it is the safest way to solve the problem. Most of the time, consultations should be free. 

If you struggle with ice dams, give us a call and we are happy to answer any questions you have!

Stay safe and stay warm!

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