What Time of the Year is Best for Roofing Repairs?

We all know that sometimes we have a problem with our roof that comes out of nowhere. When these unplanned moments happen, you should immediately call a professional to come fix the damage.

However, if you are able to plan when to get work done on your roof, certain times of the year are obviously better than others.

Spring can be a good time depending on the weather. It can still be chilly during the spring, and rain is more likely to be a threat. However, as it begins to warm up, this can be a great time for roof repairs, especially after any damage left behind from harsh winters. When ice builds up on the roof and begins to melt, it can cause leaks. These often show up in the end of winter to the beginning of spring.

Summer is also a great time to get changes made to your roof. The weather tends to be better with less rain and more sun. However, when it gets to be too hot, it can be harder to fix up your roof. In addition, some shingles can start to melt in intense heat.

Fall is typically the best time for roofing. Unlike the other seasons, Autumn is less likely to be as cold or hot. This season also does not get as much rain and storms. Due to these reasons, the best season for roofing is fall. However, summer and spring can also be great times for construction depending on the time of the season. Winter, however, is really the season that we recommend only for emergencies or necessary changes.

Let’s now talk about the least preferable time to work on houses: winter.

It is not impossible to do work on your house in the winter. In fact, we have done it many, many times. However, while it isn’t the most ideal time for construction, we actually specialize in working on houses year-round. When it is cold, icy, and snowy, it is much more difficult to work on roofs. The sealant used to keep everything in place will not set as well in the winter. When this happens, we are aware of the risks and have procedures setup to work with this. If we need to reschedule during these times, we will simply reach out to do so. While prices might be better around this season, and companies are less busy, most will say it is not the best time for roofing.

We, however, want to say that almost any time can be a good time to get your house worked on. In the end, there isn’t always a choice for which season to have your roof fixed, and you have to do what is best for you and your situation. This blog is simply a helpful guide for when you do have a choice in what time of the year to get your roof worked on.


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