What Takes Place During Our Roof Inspections?

Have you ever wondered what takes place during one of our roof inspections? Read on to find out.

Did you know that most of the time, you don’t even have to be home for roof inspections! Our professionals are trained to be able to inspect your home whether you are home or not. If you are home, however, we will often inspect for interior water damage. Otherwise, we can look in the attic for the same thing to try and assess if there is any damage caused by water. 

When it comes to the exterior of the house, we are primarily checking for any storm damage. This can include problems caused by both wind and hail. We start by inspecting the elevations, or the sides of your home. This includes inspections of downspouts, screens, windows, siding, fascia, gutters, etc. 

What does storm damage look like?

Hail damage often appears as tiny dents in the roof. This happens most often with  softer metals, and can happen to the siding, downspouts, shutters, etc. Hail damage might also show up as missing panels, loose siding, missing fascia, and so much more. Most of the time damage is visible, but unless we are on top of the roof, something could be missed.

Wind damage looks a little bit different, and might show missing shingles or creased shingles from folding. Missing shingles are easy to spot but creased shingles are often only seen on top of the roof.  This is why climbing the roof is such an important part of the process. 

When we climb the roof, we can get a closer look at any storm damage. We inspect ventilation systems and inspect ventilation for gaps, cracks, storm damage, etc. Our trained professionals will photograph or take a video of the roof so they can show the homeowner exactly what was seen on the roof. We also use sidewalk chalk on the top and side of the house to circle or mark where damage is so it can be kept track of. 

In addition, during an inspection, you will see us using various professional tools. We have a moisture meter to check for moisture in the interior of the roof. We also have a thermal imaging camera to look for where any loss of heat coming from the attics or windows. We use an endoscope to checkout any tiny areas within the roof and around the house to make sure we did not miss any damage.

During our inspections, we like to be thorough, checking every possible point of the house to rule out damage. Inspections are important, and by continuing to stay up to date with them, you are more likely to have an ongoing safe home!

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