What is the Purpose of Siding and How Long Does it Last?

The siding of your house keeps you and your home protected from the outdoor elements and bad weather. Siding also helps to prevent leaks or water coming into the house, therefore preventing mildew and mold. Because siding keeps your house better insulated, you will also save money on energy bills. Some siding is even better for the environment than having a house without it! 

However, just like the materials of your roof, siding will not last forever. So, what is the lifespan for siding? Is it the same for all materials, or does it change based on what kind of siding you have? Read on to find out.

The lifespan of siding actually depends on the type of siding you have. Every material is different. Therefore, each material will have different lifespans and capabilities. 

Wood siding, for example, can last a long time if properly cared for. However, if it is not updated and checked in on, it can go bad pretty quickly. The finishing on wood siding needs to be redone approximately every five years (depending on your particular siding.) 

Brick siding can look beautiful and very rustic. It is a popular choice, however, this siding only lasts about twenty to twenty-five years. 

Insulated vinyl siding has a semi-long lifespan and is easy to care for and clean. This siding can last anywhere from twenty to forty years. Of course, this depends on each particular case, but if this material is well-kept, you can have it for a long time. This is also the most popular choice for many people, and one of our favorites to recommend. 

Steel siding is another material that has a long lifespan. It also offers wonderful insulation. Lasting up to forty years, this siding looks modern and is easy to care for. 

Aluminum has a similar look to steel but can last up to fifty years. This siding is also great for preventing rust and other similar damages to your home. 

Fiber cement siding can last even longer. In fact, this material can last up to about fifty years if properly cared for. It’s also very easy to take care of and clean. Some people have even been able to keep fiber cement siding for up to one hundred years. Of course, each case is different. You never want to do something that isn’t safe for your house, but if the siding is in good condition, why change it?

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