What is EPDM Roofing?

At C3 American Exteriors, we offer a variety of different types of roofs to choose from. One of these options is EPDM. EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomor, and it is a type of rubber roofing material which has been known to last up to fifty years or more! This extremely durable material had many benefits, especially for commercial building owners, and/or flat roof home owners, everywhere. It is most popular for flat roofing which is why many commercial buildings use this material. It is also very helpful in protecting your building from weather and natural elements. This means that rain, heavy winds, blizzards, and even snow storms will have less of a chance of damaging your roof. 

EPDM roofing will not necessarily be as pretty to look at, or aesthetically pleasing, as many other roofing choices, but for large and flat roofs, this material is cost effective, long lasting, and gets the job done! It is also a great choice for roofs with low slopes. 

Another great bonus of EPDM roofing is that it is very energy efficient. During hot weather, EPDM roofs will reflect the heat of the sun. This, in turn, will save on energy costs, especially when it comes to air conditioning. In addition. EPDM roofs are mostly fire resistant, especially in comparison to other roofing options. Another benefit is that rubber is one of the best ways to avoid lightning strikes, and since EPDM is a form of rubber, you are less likely to experience lightning damage. Being energy efficient, fire resistant, and incredibly sustainable, it should be obvious why EPDM roofing is such a great choice!

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