What Causes a Roof to Leak?

Have you experienced a leak in your home? Dealing with leaks is surprisingly common. The problem is that many people will simply allow small leaks to go unchecked. Perhaps you have seen someone simply place a bucket or a trashcan beneath the leak to catch the water. While this might prevent water from flooding into your home, it will do little to actually prevent damage and fix the issue in the long run.

So, what causes leaks in a roof and what should you do if you have one?

One of the first things we recommend doing is finding the source of the leak. This can be done by a professional, or, if you have experience and can safely do so, you might try to find the source yourself. Leaks can be caused by a number of different things. You might find that there is a gap in your roof or that the shingles are broken or bent. If you find this on your own, the next step would be to call a professional to come take a look and give you an estimate. If there is time in between you finding the problem and a professional coming to look at your home, you can try placing a tarp over top of the issue to temporarily keep water from coming in. The more water continues to leak through your roof, the worse the damage can become. The other issue with leaving your roof unfixed is that water can cause mildew and/ or mold.

Once a professional comes, they can see if the problem is located in one area— maybe due to a storm— or if the whole roof needs to be replaced. For older roofs, the latter may be the case. 

We offer free inspections and consultations, so if you are not sure what the next step is, give us a call and we can come take a look. We will guide you in the right direction!

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