TPO Versus EPDM: Choosing the Best Commercial Roofing Material

Are you looking to update your commercial roof? If so, we can help! We specialize in roofing for various types of buildings, and industrial roofing is one of the many options we offer. We have been a very popular choice for roofing in all of the areas we do work in. Currently, we have seen a lot of business and requests for roofing in Cockeysville, Maryland and surrounding locations. However, you do not have to live in Cockeysville to have us work on your next roofing project. You can check out the different locations where service by selecting “Service Areas” on our website.

When you hire us for commercial roofing services, we offer two main types of roof materials. These are TPO and EPDM . Both of these materials are single ply membranes that are used to coat a roof. However, these materials differ in what they offer and how they protect the building beneath. Let’s take a look at their main differences:

  • Material:
    • TPO: TPO membranes are made up of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene. Mixed with fiberglass, this material is quite durable, offering protection against the elements. 
    • EPDM: EPDM membranes are of ethylene propylene diene monomer. This is a synthetic rubber material, and just like TPO, it is also very durable. It also offers flexibility.
  • Reflection and Absorption:
    • TPO: TPO is offered in a variety of colors, one of which is white. White roofing is better at reflecting solar rays, allowing the building beneath to stay cooler. This also saves you money on energy costs.
    • EPDM: EPDM is often black. Though EPDM is still a great choice for roofing, the color and materials  result in more heat absorption. 
  • Lifespan:
    • TPO: TPO membranes can last at least thirty years, if not more. Depending on the proper care of these roofing materials, as well as climate conditions, TPO can last quite a long time.
    • EPDM: EPDM also has a very long lifespan and can last fifty years or more with proper care.


  • TPO: TPO materials are often more affordable and the installation is usually easier as well. This makes it more affordable.
  • EPDM: EPDM materials often cost more and the installation process can be more involved. This usually results in higher costs. 
  • Both EPDM and TPO are terrific options for commercial and industrial roofing. The choice will come down to personal preference. We are happy to help you select the best material for your project. Whether you live in Cockeysville, Maryland, or one of the many areas we service, give us a call today!

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