Three Tab VS Architectural Shingles

The two main types of roofs that you will see are Three Tab and Architectural. What is the difference between these two roofing designs, and which one do we recommend and prefer? Read on to find out!

Between the two options, Three Tab roofs are not as substantial, and are an older design. Due to this, we typically prefer Architectural roofs. They are much sturdier and are a newer design. In addition, Architectural roofs tend to last longer as well. Three Tab shingles also aren’t as strong, and cannot withstand as much wind power. Architectural shingles are much stronger. They weigh a lot more and are twice as thick. While Three Tabs can handle about sixty miles per hour winds, Architectural shingles can handle up to one hundred and twenty miles per hour winds. In bad weather, Three Tab shingles could easily be destroyed. While you might save a bit more up front with them, you will be much more likely to need lots of updates over the years.

While Architectural shingles might cost a bit more, in the long run, they will last longer and not have to be updated as fast. Architectural shingles are much more customizable and can allow you to add a bit more of a personal touch to your house. They are also much easier to install.

Many roofing companies prefer Architectural shingles over Three Tab. This should show you that most roofing professionals agree with which roof type is better. Therefore, if you are considering replacing your roof, we hope you make the choice to go with Architectural shingles. Your roof will last longer, be sturdier, and keep you safer. As you know, at C3 American Exteriors, our customers and their safety are our top priority, and we will always recommend the safest possible option for any construction you are having done to your home.

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