Three of the Most Common Ways That Heavy Winds Can Hurt Your Home


Intense weather can cause all kinds of problems for your home. From snow causing ice dams to rain causing leaks, any type of crazy weather can leave you with a mess to clean up.

Heavy winds are no different. In fact, they cause lots of damage every year!

In this blog, we will look at the three biggest issues caused by heavy winds, and what you should look out for to avoid these.


  1. Fallen trees and/or branches- When the wind is extra forceful, it can cause larger branches, or even entire trees, to fall. The biggest problem with this is that these can land on your home, and this is something that you will definitely want to try and avoid. Even if the branches are not knocked off of the trees, if they can touch your roof, they might be damaging your shingles each time they drift back and forth over them. Make sure to keep your branches cut back and take note of any large trees around your home that might cause you problems.
  2. Damage to your shingles- The heavier the winds, the more of a chance they have to damage your roof. Shingles can be peeled back or even knocked off if the winds are strong enough, especially if these shingles have prior damage from other bad weather. This is why it is so important to have your roof inspected yearly, and if you suspect you might have any kind of roof damage whatsoever, call in a professional ASAP. Most inspections are free, and fixing up a few shingles is much better than having to replace large parts of your roof as the damage gets worse.
  3. Fireplace Problems- If the winds are extra heavy, it might be best to not light a fire. Wind can travel down chimneys and force the smoke and embers to blow in the wrong direction, and this can be dangerous, even causing fires. In addition, chimneys need inspections to make sure they are sturdy and in place. You don’t want to have to deal with damage to your chimney just because of heavy winds. Get your chimneys inspected!

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