The Phoenix, Maryland Project: An Interview with Chris Staub

Our staff at C3 American Exteriors is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated. Each of our employees is very experienced in what they do. In this blog, we are interviewing the wonderful Chris Staub. Chris has been working with us for three years now, and in his time with our company, he has done some amazing work. 

We asked Chris what his favorite project was, and he told us about a house that he worked on in Phoenix, Maryland. He said that, as a project manager, he works mostly behind the scenes, but this residential property in Phoenix, Maryland is one that stuck with him. For this project, he worked with “all levels of the company, sales, installers, [and] management to develop solutions for a large amount of skylights in a kitchen area.” Chris explained that he appreciated “having the skilled labor on hand to take care of all the detailed interior trim work.” 

This project took about two to three weeks to complete, and the results were outstanding. Multiple parts of this Phoenix, Maryland job stood out to Chris, setting it apart from other projects he has been a part of. “This job was not just a straightforward remove and replace,” he explained. “[We] had to troubleshoot skylight sizing issues [to ensure] that everything was sealed properly [in order] to give the customer a solid finished product.”

We are so grateful for Chris Staub and our many employees, and we know that we would not be the company we are without them. If you want to work with Chris on a project, or if you have any questions, give us a call today so we can get started with you!

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