The History of Siding

The siding of a building creates a barrier between the outside world and the exterior wall. This protects the building from the elements and keeps the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Siding provides insulation from the outside world. 

The use of siding can be traced back to the first shelters built by humans. In ancient times, siding was made up of mud, rocks, leaves, vines, wood, and other materials found in nature. These shelters would keep humans protected from intense weather by creating a barrier from the outer world. 

In medieval times, people began to refine their choices of siding, creating shingles of wood. In those days, siding had not yet advanced to be weatherproof, and was often susceptible to leaks, rot, mold, mildew, and more. 

As times continued to change, siding did as well. People began to use stone and bricks around the time of the Renaissance. These materials allowed homes to better stand up to the elements, lasting much longer. 

Around the time of the Industrial Revolution, the use of stone and brick continued to grow. In addition, metal and asphalt began to be used as well. Asphalt proved to be easy to use as well as a great option financially while metal did not need much maintenance and held up better against fires. In addition, metal siding proved strong against intense weather.

In the 1950s, vinyl siding was developed. This material quickly became very popular due to its low price and resilience against the elements. It offered a variety of looks as well.

Nowadays. People can choose from multiple siding materials. You can pick from metal, wood, brick, vinyl, asphalt, and so much more for your siding materials. 

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