The Eastern Shore Roof Donation: An Interview With our President Mark Luterman

Recently, we at C3 American Exterior have been interviewing our wonderful employees to learn about their favorite projects and what made those so special to them. In this interview, we will be talking with the president of our company, Mark Luterman. Mark has been working with us for five years now and has witnessed a multitude of projects during that time. 

Though he loves all of the amazing work that our company does, Mark also has a favorite project that took place on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. This took place in 2021, and still sticks with Mark more than any other job we have done. When asked why this Eastern Shore project was his favorite, he told us about how the company actually gifted a roof to a family. “We donated a roof to a family who lost their husband and father,” Mark explained. “He was a police officer killed in the line of duty.”

The roof itself took just a few days to complete, and the results were incredible. However, just being able to help this beautiful family is what stood out the most to Mark. “We were able to help a family in need and enrich their lives.” 

Enriching lives is something that Mark strives to achieve everyday, and he has worked with everyone at C3 American Exteriors to see how they can strive to do the same as a team. This Eastern Shore project is just one example of how our staff joins together to make dreams come true.

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