The Camphill, Pennsylvania Siding Project with Paulie Pittinger 

Recently at C3 American Exteriors, we have had some amazing new projects! Customers have been reaching out to us all over for new exterior remodeling work. In this blog we will be taking a look at a new project from Camphill, Pennsylvania. Paulie Pittinger told us all about this Camphill project, giving us the details and the behind-the-scenes information. Paulie is a very valued and important part of our team and he does incredible work!

Paulie explained that this project focused on upgraded siding using LP Smartside materials. Originally, this home had aluminum siding that had taken quite a bit of storm damage. Paulie was pleased that the new material would be LP Smartside, explaining that it is the “Most durable product on the market when it comes to wind/hail.” He went on to tell us about what made this project unique in comparison to other companies, stating, “We gave it the C3 touch by installing CertainTeed Stone Facade on the home to completely transform the home… we had to make sure we had everything plum, so the install would go [smoothly]. For the stone work, we had to install plywood due to the home not having sheathing on the front– just foam insulation board.”

Paulie offered some advice about choosing a new siding material, explaining, “When torn with choosing a luxury style siding, be sure to do the research on the product. NASA did a study on Vinyl, Fiber Cement and LP Smartside and the video results speak for themselves.”

This project took place in the winter time, and Pennsylvania deals with some intense winter weather. Due to this fact, the total time of this remodeling job took about two weeks. With good weather, our team is even faster with our work. 

Paulie explained what makes C3 American Exteriors unique, and why people should consider us for their projects, saying, “We work with the homeowner from start to finish on their project. We aren’t just an exterior consultant they will only see at the time of the sale. The homeowner needs to feel comfortable [with] us and know they are getting top notch quality. That is the C3 Experience.” 

If you are interested in working with us, we can offer you a free inspection or consultation. We are excited to speak with you about possible work. Paulie loves what he does, and he wants possible future customers to know that he is ready to talk with them. “Each one of us Exterior Consultants have no problem answering questions by text, call or email.” 

We are so lucky to have Paulie on our team! If you want to work with Paulie on a project, give us a call today so we can get you started on the right path!

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