The Best Roofing Material for Your Location

There are many types of roofing materials out there, and the preferred roof will change depending on where you live. In fact, your geographic location can actually play a huge factor into what kind of roof you have. The choices you have in one area might be different elsewhere. 

In this blog, we will look at the most common roofing materials and where you are most likely to see them.

To start off, the most common roofing material used in the United States overall is Asphalt. These shingles last up to 25ish years, and they are sturdy. They also make a house look great! They are economical and easy to put up. Asphalt shingles can be used throughout the United States in a variety of locations. They do great with different temperatures, though the hotter the location, the more quickly you might have to replace your roof. In Florida, for example, they do not last as long. On the East Coast especially, asphalt shingles are the most popular.

When it comes to coastal areas, you are more likely to have clay, stone roofs. These do great with heat, and clay roofs can even last up to 50 years! They are more constantly up front, but definitely have a longer lifespan. Metal is often used in coastal areas because they are great for reflecting the sun and keeping the house cooler. These three materials tend to hold up pretty well when it comes to wind and intense weather.

Metal roofs can also be helpful in colder climates since they don’t hold icicles or snow as easily. They also have the ability to keep colder houses warmer and warmer houses colder. Slate roofing can also do well in cold climates because they are sturdy and can hold up against storms and ice. However, slate can be more costly. While asphalt can still be used in the cold, they probably won’t hold up quite as long.

As you can see, the area you live in will determine the best possible roof for you. As always, you can call us with any questions you have.


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