Fido’s Home

What is it about working on houses that we love so much? Why do we work with roofs, siding, windows, gutters, and doors? To most people, this job might seem like just a job, but to us, we are changing people’s lives.  So let us ask you this: What feels like home to you? Take […]

Your Dream House

Let’s play a game.  Take a moment and picture your dream house. Go ahead. Just close your eyes and think of exactly what your dream house looks like. A professional interior designer has already done the work. Notice all the details. Imagine how it looks on the outside, and then think of the interior. How […]

How Sturdy is Your Metaphorical Roof?

As you know, we at C3 American Exteriors specialize in roofing. From repairs to inspections to maintenance, we are the experts of all things roof-related.  Let’s talk about what a roof is. What is its purpose? It is the top of the house. It covers us and protects us, guarding us from the outdoor elements. […]