Remodeling in the New Year

The year is coming to an end, and with it, people are beginning to plan out their goals and resolutions for the new year. For many, this includes finding ways to upgrade their homes. We find that people often put off necessary renovations due to fear of prices. This is why we work to make […]

Winter Home Insurance Essentials: Protecting Your Home with C3 American Exteriors

During the Winter season,  it is important to be prepared for the changes in weather. In areas like Maryland or Pennsylvania, Winter weather can be quite intense. From blizzards to ice storms,  the cold season brings the possibility of damage in a variety of ways. This is why home insurance is so incredibly important. At […]

The Crucial Role of Quality Siding for Pennsylvania Winters

If you live in Pennsylvania, or one of the other many areas that deal with frigid winters, then you know just how extreme the cold weather can be. With the chill of winter setting in, ensuring that your house is prepared for the climate is essential. What most do not realize is the important role […]

Reflections of Gratitude: Exterior Remodeling 

As we begin to prepare for Thanksgiving, we at C3 American Exteriors like to focus on the gratitude we have for all the wonderful blessings in our lives. We are grateful for our fantastic customers and the returning clients who continue to trust us with their homes. We also like to extend a reminder to […]

Securing Your Home With New Doors in Pikesville, Maryland

Do you live in Pikesville, Maryland? Do you own a home with older doors? Whether you live in Pikesville or any of the other areas we service, it is important to keep your doors up to date to offer the most possible security. The doors of your home serve as more than just entry points; […]

Our No Home Left Behind Campaign

At C3 American Exteriors, we aim to ensure that every homeowner we work with feels safe and protected within their homes. Many people do not realize to what extent property damage will be covered by insurance. We find that when storms hit, a lot of homeowners do not schedule inspections in a timely manner. Most […]

Why You Should Replace Windows Before Winter in Lancaster

Winter is approaching in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and homeowners in the area are preparing for the oncoming frigid months. While many are buying firewood, turning up their heat, and stocking up on blankets, most do not stop to think why their home might be so cold in the first place. Does this sound like you? Have […]

The Importance of Insulation in the Winter in Timonium, Maryland 

As the weather changes and the days begin to shorten, winter is just around the corner. If you live in colder areas that receive a lot of snow— such as Timonium, Maryland— it is important to ensure that your home is in proper shape to face the winter. This includes making sure that your insulation […]