Spring Roof Cleaning

Happy Spring! We hope you are enjoying the gorgeous weather and the beautiful flowers all around us. Have your trees begun blooming yet? Have you seen petals drifting through the air? We have, and while we love the beauty of Spring, we understand that there are a few things that need to be done to ensure that your house is just as happy with the Spring season as you are.

The easiest way to add this into your routine is just to throw it into your Spring cleaning. As you go around tidying up and throwing away things you don’t need anymore, take a little extra time to check in on some very important things.

First things first, make sure your gutters are clear! We always remind our clients of this, and we will continue to because it is so important. Throughout the seasons, we have different risks to our gutters. Winter can pile snow into them and cause them to freeze. Autumn has leaves dropping all over the place, often clogging our gutters as well. In the Spring, as trees sprout beautiful flowers, we also face a similar risk. As older flowers fall off and die, they can clog your gutters. We recommend just taking a look in your gutters and making sure they are wide open and working properly. Clogs can cause leaks, and we want to avoid that!

Next, check your trees. Really look at the branches. Are they hanging over your roof? Are they touching your house? As Spring comes around, and the branches continue to grow, we recommend trimming the ones that can cause damage and/ or danger to your house. 

In addition, make sure there aren’t a ton of leaves and pine needles all over the place. When it rains, leaves tend to hold onto moisture and this can damage your roof. Next, look for mold or moss growing on your shingles. If you see any whatsoever, call a professional immediately. This is especially important after all of the snow and moisture from the previous season. 

If you plan on using your chimney, and haven’t had it checked in a bit, please have it inspected! A substance called Creosote can build up over time with use and actually cause a fire. If you’ve been using your fireplace all winter, we highly recommend having it cleaned as Spring begins.

Finally, just take a look around the exterior of your house. Check your siding and make sure everything looks the way it should and no pieces are bent or out of place. Check the parts of your roof that you can to see how the shutters are looking, and call someone to come give a free inspection to make sure the whole roof is how it should be. Remember, we do free inspections!

We hope you enjoy the beautiful Spring weather, and we hope you use these tips to keep a happy and safe home!

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