Some Exciting News to Share

We have some exciting news to share! Recently, we were recognized as the fifth fastest growing roofing contractor in North America by CertainTeed. We are so happy, and we knew that we had to tell you all about this wonderful news!

So how did we do it? 

As you know, we always put our customers first, and that reflects in the feedback we receive. Our customers are the most important to us, and we will always do everything we can to keep them happy, healthy, and safe!

We also know that our success comes from the five principles that all employees at C3 American Exteriors adhere to at all times. These principles are as follows: 

  1. Honesty and integrity- A positive, happy environment starts with honesty. We value the truth,  and we will always aim to be completely honest and up front with you. 
  2. Gratitude- We are so grateful for our staff and our customers. Our customers are the reason we thrive. We are grateful at all times for every customer who comes our way. People love to feel appreciated, and we love appreciating them! 
  3. Enriching the lives of others- We do everything possible to always benefit the customer and bring as much joy to their lives as we can. We always under-promise and over-deliver so that we never promise anything we can’t follow through on. 
  4. Accountability- We believe accountability is the key to great leadership. We always take full accountability, never blaming things on others if something goes wrong, and always showering with praise when things go right. 
  5. Coordinated cooperative effort- At our company, everyone is equal. Everybody works together as a team and each and every employee is a valued addition to our team.

Once again, we are so grateful to every employee and every customer! We couldn’t have done it without you, and we wanted to thank each and every one of you. As time goes on, we will keep growing, and we will keep doing everything we can to make our customers as happy as they can possibly be. 

Thank you!

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