Skimpflation and Roofing

What is skimpflation, and why have we been seeing so much of it recently?

Skimpflation is the combination of the words “skimp” and “inflation.” When prices are constantly rising and companies are skimping out on  how much they are giving you as a result, this is skimpflation. Basically, with skimpflation, you are spending more but getting less.

Why have we been seeing so much skimpflation in the past year or two?

With the pandemic and multiple businesses shutting down temporarily, we were left with major shortages in materials. This very much affected the roofing business, making prices rise while increasing the wait time for a project to be done. In addition, with so many workers leaving the business, companies have been forced to increase wages to keep the employees they still had.

You can see how it is that everything would eventually lead to prices being raised while skimping out on how much you are receiving.

It is so important to be aware of what a company is giving you. Are they skimping out on what you are being given? Are you receiving the best possible services?

Skimpflation can show up in a variety of ways when it comes to roofing. For example, you might be receiving generic brands for your materials even if you are paying for higher end brands. 

We also see companies skimping out on things and focusing on others that do not necessarily take precedence.

One of the most troubling things we are seeing with skimpflation is that many companies will skimp out on work that is not visible. This means that certain parts of your roof that are not visible may be less sturdy and you might never know it.

At C3 American Exteriors, we recognized the change in the roofing industry and prepared for it. It is incredibly essential to us to make sure that we never overcharge our customers or fall into the skimpflation process. Construction for your home should be affordable, and we are doing everything that we can to avoid falling into the skimplation trap. In fact, we refuse to give our customers less than what they deserve. Do not allow your roofing company to skimp out on what you deserve. 

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