Signs it is Time to Replace Your Insulation

Do you need to replace your insulation? The insulation in your home shields you from extreme temperatures and even loud noises, helping to keep your space relaxed and balanced. However, just like any part of the home, insulation has a lifespan, and if yours is older, there are signs that may tell you if it is time to replace it. In this blog, we will learn about some of those signs, and if you recognize any, we are here to help!

Here are five signs that it is time to replace your insulation:

  1. Increased Energy Bills: Have you noticed your energy bills increasing? If so, you may need to replace your insulation. A spike in energy bills may mean that your house is having trouble regulating its temperatures, making it warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter. Your air conditioning and heat will then be fighting to keep up with balancing the temperatures of your house, raising your energy bills.
  2. Visible Damage: If your insulation is somewhere visible, such as in the attic or crawl space, you can take a look to see how everything is holding up. If you notice signs of mold, moisture damage, or or animal infestations, your insulation may be compromised, making it less effective. 
  3. Age of the Insulation: Is your insulation older? If you know that your insulation is rather old, and may be past its lifespan, you can call for a free inspection and we can take a look. It is always best to have an inspection if you are unsure. 
  4. Allergies or Respiratory Issues: Is you find that you or someone in your home is having increased problems with allergies or breathing, it might mean— after checking with a doctor— that you should get your insulation checked.  Sneezing, coughing, and difficult breathing can be signs that your insulation is harboring allergens or other pollutants and needs replacing. 

These are just some of the many signs that you might need to replace your insulation. If you are concerned about your insulation or are looking to replace it, give us a call today!

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