Siding and Christmas Lights

One of our specialties at C3 American Exteriors is siding. Siding is the material outside of the house that protects the interior from bad weather. It also provides insolation to keep the inside of the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

As the holidays approach, many are hanging up lights and decorating the exteriors of their houses. The problem is, a lot of people do not know the proper way to hang up lights without damaging their house’s siding.

It is important not to hammer or puncture your siding, so that means that nails, screws, and staples are out of the question. The holidays are only a small part of the year. If you hammer into the siding of your house every year, eventually, you will have little holes everywhere.

So what is the best way to hang up lights without damaging your siding?

The most effective tool for this is actually called a siding hook/ hanger, and many of these do not require any hammering or drilling. These hooks allow you to connect the lights to the siding of the house without puncturing anything. They slide right into place and are very sturdy. 

There are many options for hooks and many brands out there, so we highly suggest doing your research before picking which one is best for your house. In addition, the type of hook to use will also depend on the material of your siding. We have also seen suction cups used for certain materials, but these do not typically hold as well.

If you want to use siding hooks but do not feel comfortable using the temporary ones, there are permanent ones that you can buy. The benefit of these hooks is that you only have to hang them up once. This means that you can leave the hooks in place year-round and just hangup or take down your lights when needed. This is the only time it is suggested to puncture siding in any way.

We also want to remind you to please be very careful when decorating your house. Roofers have a lot of experience going up onto your house, but the average person does not. We want you to be safe, so if you have to put yourself in danger to make your house glow brighter, remember that you are more important.

Finally, we want to wish you a happy holiday season!

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