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When it comes to your roofing in York, PA, rely only on C3 American Exteriors. We can help you with a roof inspection, roof maintenance appointment or a simple roof repair. When you experience roof leaks or have damage after a storm, we are here to help.

An Array of Services

In the Keystone State, we are the trusted provider of quality roofing services, which include:

Roof Installation – We are well-versed in all kinds of roofing materials. We are certified by top manufacturers to provide roof installations, so expect only quality services from C3 American Exteriors.

Roof Repair – A basic roof repair is done after we complete a full roof inspection. We can patch roof leaks, and we can repair flashing, replace shingles, or check the edges of the house for separation from the roof.

Roof Replacement –  Roof replacement is an efficient way to protect your home when the repairs cost too much money. We can give you an estimate for the job, and we will use the shingles/design you want. Plus, we can do the roof replacement quickly so that you do not need to worry about inclement weather.

We can help you with basic roof issues including bent flashing, issues around your chimney, or problems with leaks near the gutters. We can inspect the roof once a year, or we will handle a roof on your workshop or gazebo. We can even put a roof on your sunroom when you want to make it a little bit more efficient during the hot summer.

Other Top Services

Apart from roofing in York, PA, and nearby areas, we offer exterior remodeling services and other top solutions. Get in touch with us when you need:

Siding Installation and Repair – Siding installation and repair is needed when you have a draft in the house or problems with broken siding panels. We can replace the panels, patch holes, or replace the siding altogether. We will inspect the siding to make sure we have found all the problems, and we will help make your home a bit more efficient.

Storm Damage Restoration – Storm damage might force you to replace the roof or patch a hole where a tree branch pierced the roof. We can visit your York, PA, home or office right now to patch the roof and protect your building from leaks. Best of all, we can work with your insurance provider to assess the exact extent of the damage.

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