Roofing During Covid


It is usually very easy to just reach out and set up an appointment to chat with your roofing company. Usually, somebody will then come take a look at your house and give you an estimate. The problem is, right now, it isn’t as easy to meet anybody in person. With the pandemic, it is also very risky to see anybody one-on-one. 

So, what are you supposed to do if you suddenly need a repair to your home, but can’t be near anyone?

Here is what we are doing to help: we have set up a way to virtually meet with our clients in order to discuss what it is they need done to their houses. We would never want anybody to feel uncomfortable or unsafe just to be able to have work done on their roof or the exterior of their house.

We also understand that some people might not be clients of ours. Perhaps, you are reading this blog from somewhere across the country and cannot have us work on your house. In this situation, we highly recommend finding a company that can work with you virtually. 

Your safety is the top priority. The same way that we want you to be safe and keep up with the work on your house, we also want you to be safe by not meeting people in person without a mask on. You should always have the opportunity to have a virtual meeting/ discussion.

This is specifically why we set up a virtual option for our clients, and it has been working very well for us! As you know, we do everything we possibly can to make our clients feel comfortable, and this will continue to be a goal of ours no matter what the situation of the world is.

When having work done to your house, you should feel comfortable with who you are using, and you should be able to fully trust that they have your interest at heart. Never settle for anything less than this. You deserve the absolute best care no matter who is giving it to you.

You should never need to feel that your health is at risk in order to have the needs of your house met. You are what is important. 

We are asking you to take the extra moment to make sure everything you are doing is the safest possible solution. If you have any questions, we are always here to help!


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