Preparing Your Home for the Cold

How should you prepare your home for the cold weather?

As we continue to get deeper into fall, nearing winter, it is time to start considering if your home is prepared for the cold. There are specific things you should always do to get your house ready for the chillier weather. Let’s take a look at these steps below:

  • Have your fireplace cleaned and inspected- As we have discussed in past articles, it is essential to have your fireplace cleaned and inspected about once a year to make sure it is in the best shape and there is no creosote buildup.
  • Have your roof inspected- This might be a more obvious tip, but you would be surprised by how many people forget to have their yearly roof inspection. During a roof inspection (which most companies will and should offer for free) someone can make sure that there is no pre-existing damage that needs to be tended to, and can make sure everything looks to be in good condition. This is essential for preventing leaks, ice gates, and so much more.
  • Check your gutters- Take a look at your gutters and make sure they are not clogged or damaged. If your gutters are clogged, you can easily have them cleared out. If they are damaged, you might have to replace them, but you would rather do so than have flooding on your roof.
  • Check your windows and doors- Take a look around your house for any air leaks. If you can feel a draft at all, this means you have an air leak that needs to be sealed up. You can do this yourself with caulk, you can use draft stoppers, or you might even choose to replace the window or door to ensure that you are keeping your home warm and draft free.


Follow the steps above to begin preparing your home for the colder months. Stay safe and warm, and as always, let us know if you have any questions at all!

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