Powering Pennsylvania: Exploring Solar Incentives

Do you live in Pennsylvania? Are you considering switching to solar energy? If so, we are here to help! In past blogs, we have talked about the solar incentives that Maryland has to offer. But what about Pennsylvania? In this blog, we will look at all of the Pennsylvania benefits for switching to solar power energy. 

  • SREC— Similar to Maryland, Pennsylvania also offers a program for Solar Renewable Energy Credits. Homeowners and business owners can earn credits based on the amount of clean energy they produce. These credits can be sold on the market to provide an extra bit of income.
  • Federal and State Tax Incentives— The federal government also offers both federal and state tax incentives for installing solar panels. With the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), homeowners can deduct a percentage of their solar installation costs from their federal taxes. In addition, Pennsylvania offers a state-level Solar Energy Program that provides rebates for residential and commercial solar projects.
  • Net Metering— Pennsylvania’s net metering policy provides credits for solar system owners on their utility bills for any extra electricity their systems generate and send back to the grid. With this, solar panel owners save money on their electricity bills and can also earn credits to offset future energy costs.
  • Property Tax Exemption— In Pennsylvania, solar panel installations are exempt from property taxes. This provides even more financial relief for homeowners and businesses investing in solar energy.

As you can see, Pennsylvania offers many solar incentives, making it worthwhile to switch to solar energy. Are you ready to make the switch? Call us today!

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