Our Recent DaVinci Roof Project

As many of you know, we recently transformed a roof in Bethesda, Maryland with DaVinci Aged Cedar Synthetic Shakes. The results were so beautiful that DaVinci even featured the project in a blog on their website! Before we started working, the owner of the home had been experiencing leaks from her skylight. In fact, the prior roof, made of real cedar shakes, had not been updated in over twenty-five years. Not only were the shakes stained and old, but they were actually beginning to curl and even fall off! This can happen when roofs are left for too long, especially when dealing with real cedar shakes. 

Synthetic cedar shakes not only hold up longer, but they look beautiful! Once the Bethesda resident reached out to us about her roof and let us know what she was looking for, we got to work creating one that transformed the entire home. We even added copper valleys. These valleys are made of aluminum and painted copper so that they maintain their look. They were used to replace the skylights, and the results are absolutely gorgeous!

The Bethesda resident is very happy with her new roof, stating that it distinguishes her house from others. The DaVinci products are wonderful for creating a unique look that can be customized for each person, and these roofs will continue to stand out and last for years to come. 

Synthetic cedar shakes tend to hold up better than real cedar, making the investment worth it. The more projects we have been doing in the Bethesda, Maryland area, the more people have been asking for them. If you are ready to replace your roof and you are interested in synthetic cedar shakes, give us a call today so we can create the roof of your dreams.

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