Our Process for Replacing an Existing Roof

Have you ever wondered about what goes into the process of replacing an existing roof. If so, this is a great blog for you. We will be looking into our process for replacing roofs, and what to expect if we work with you on this project for your own home.

How We Place an Existing Roof:

  1. We begin by removing the pieces of the prior roof. This mostly includes nails and shingles. 
  2. We will then install a barrier for water and ice three feet up on all of the eaves. We will do the same for any hips and valleys.
  3. Next, we will then install a synthetic roof underlayment. On the rest of the roof to create a proper barrier for moisture.
  4. Once that has been installed, we will then move on to begin installing our starter shingle strips to the eave of the roof. This is done prior to the first course of shingles. This helps to prevent shingles from blowing off of the house.
  5. Now, it will be time to install the shingles. Each shingle is properly cut and carefully installed to ensure there is no breakage or damage to other shingles.
  6. Next, after the roof is fully shingled, we will install our Ridge Ventilation System. This is a very helpful hidden vent that will ensure proper airflow. This is how we make sure that the life of the roof is as long as it can be.
  7. We then cap the shingles off with ridge cap shingles. This covers up the ventilation system and hides it. We will then remove the roll-off, and your roof will be good to go.
  8. Enjoy your roof for thirty to fifty years and make sure to take great care of it.


Do you have any questions about our roofing process? As always, we are happy to help you out and answer any questions you might have.

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