Our Greatest Priority

At C3 American Exteriors, our customers are our greatest priority. We do what we do for the people we can help. We love seeing the look on a person’s face when they view their new roof. We love replacing siding and sprucing up an older home to make it appear new again. We have pride in our line of business.  Our sales representatives love working with clients to ensure they are receiving the best possible service. 

Our company started in Pennsylvania, and though we have spread into multiple other states, our work is still going strong in our area. This is because our customers feel supported when receiving our help, and they go on to share their experiences with others. So, what makes us stand out when it comes to exterior remodeling? Why do customers in Pennsylvania come to us for their roofing needs time and time again? Let’s take a look at just some of the reasons below.

  1. We offer free inspections and consultations. We do not believe that a client should feel they have anything to lose when inquiring about a service for their home. When a customer reaches out to us, we do everything we can to answer all of their questions and set them on the right path. We will look at their home thoroughly to discuss any needed services, and we will never push a service that is unnecessary.
  2. We work with insurance adjusters to ensure that our clients are receiving the most possible support. If a customer finds themselves victim to home damage from a storm and other natural disasters, we do not ever want them to feel overwhelmed with the process of moving forward. We will happily work with insurance adjusters to make sure that our customers have as much covered financially as they can.
  3. We stick with our customers through every part of the job. Once a sales representative makes contact with a client, they will continue to work with them through the entire process, even being present onsite the day of the actual job.
  4. We take care of all cleaning and disposal of old products, leaving the property how we found it (besides the beautiful update the client will have received to their home).

We make sure every need is met and focus on our clients’ satisfaction. This will always be our top priority. If you live in Pennsylvania, or any of the other areas we service, and are looking for roofing or exterior remodeling, reach out to us today! Give us a call to set up a free consultation and/ or inspection!

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C3 American Exteriors is dedicated to delivering high performance, long lasting exterior solutions. Our roof, gutter, siding, windows, doors, and more exterior home improvements ensure that your greatest investment – your home – will continue to appreciate in value.