Manufacturer Statuses and What This Means for Customers

Recently, we have been asked to work on many large commercial projects, especially in the Pennsylvania area. One of the many reasons people in Pennsylvania, and the other areas we service,  continue to reach out to us for these big projects is because they know they can trust us to offer the best outcomes. In addition, they know they are backed by manufacturer warranties.

At C3 American Exteriors, we like to work with manufacturers to ensure that our customers receive the best possible outcome. Certain larger multi-billion dollar corporations offer backed warranties. These extended warranties cover not just the product, but the workmanship on the products, offering peace of mind for customers. This means that the products are covered by the manufacturers for years to come, even if the contractor is no longer around. 

We are actually certified through manufacturers to be able to offer the best warranties. These larger manufacturers  screen roofing companies ahead of time to see which ones they feel the most comfortable offering warranties through. They then continue to keep an eye on these companies, ensuring that they are upholding the best practices. In fact, these manufacturers will even do random inspections to make sure that roofing projects are being done correctly. We have found that all of our larger commercial projects are inspected, and we love that they are! This lets us know that the corporations we work with truly care about their customers, sharing the same mindset that we have. The customer always comes first!

We like to work with manufacturers when it comes to warranties because we know that our customers can have peace of mind when considering a new roofing or exterior remodeling project. They are protected by the manufacturer themselves!

Whether you live in Pennsylvania or any of the other areas we service, we would love to help make your exterior remodeling dreams come true! Give us a call today so we can get you started!

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