Keep Your Roof Safe in the Fall

With the seasons changing, we would once again like to remind you to inspect and prepare your roof for Autumn. With the weather changing, many of us will begin to see leaves changing colors on the trees. While this is absolutely beautiful to look at, it will soon be followed by the same leaves dropping and piling in your yard, on your car, and on your roof. This is especially prevalent in places like Maryland where the weather changes drastically between seasons. If you live in Maryland, you probably deal with your roof being covered in leaves in Autumn. However, it is important to keep in mind that the piling of leaves on your roof can be accompanied by problems as well. So, what can you do to keep your home in good condition during the Fall in places like Maryland?

You will want to ensure that your gutters are in good condition, and continually check them throughout the coming season. Leaves can easily clog gutters, making it so that water gets trapped on the roof which can cause flooding; you will definitely want to avoid this!

In addition, when leaves pile up on the roof, if they sit too long, they can trap moisture. This is one way that algae and mold can begin to grow on your roof, and this can damage your shingles over time by weakening them. 

If you find that leaves are constantly getting stuck on your roof, you can use a leaf blower or a rake. Even brooms can help. However, you should only be climbing up towards your roof if you have proper experience. Never do anything to put yourself in danger. Your safety comes first and foremost. If you cannot take care of the problem yourself, reach out to somebody who knows what they are doing.

If you suspect you might have any roof damage at all, whether from leaves or anything else, give us a call so we can help! You can set up a free inspection with us at any time. Enjoy the beauty of Autumn and make sure to be properly prepared!

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