How Trees Can Cause Damage and Produce Mold and Mildew on Roofs


Trees can be a beautiful addition to the outside of your home. However, the added greenery can actually cause quite a few problems for your house, especially when it comes to your roof. It is so important to be aware of the trees around your house and to take note of them. How close are they to your home? Are they touching the house? Do the branches hang over your roof? You see, the problem is that trees can cause damage during heavy wind, rain, and snow storms. All it takes is one sharp gust of wind or a strike of lightning to send a tree toppling over onto your house. 

When branches actually hang over the roof, they may be causing little bits of damage at a time without you realizing it. One rogue branch can easily create breaks to, and tear off, the shingles of your roof. It is a good idea to keep any branches near your house trimmed short. In addition, if there is a large tree that could easily land on your home during a storm, you might want to look into getting it removed, especially if it is dead. Dead trees can fall easily and cause a lot of damage.

Another problem that trees can cause is from the leaves themselves. As the leaves fall off and land on the roof, they can pile up and keep moisture trapped against the house. Over time, this can produce mold and mildew. It can also rot your roof, causing the shape to bend, and creating leaks.

It is also important to make sure no leaves are getting trapped in the gutters of your roof. The gutters need to stay clear to move water away from the roof. Clogged gutters do not allow for this to happen and the water can get trapped on top of the house, causing leaks. In the winter, trapped water can cause ice dams which are very bad for your roof. Keeping the gutters clear and clean can prevent this, and keep your house safe and in good shape.

The more you understand how trees can affect your house, the better you can plan and avoid possible damage. As always, your safety is what is most important. If you think you might have a problem being caused by trees, call a professional. 

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