How to Maintain Your Siding to Ensure it Has a Long Lifespan

The siding of your home offers curb appeal while also keeping it insulated and protected against weather. Keeping your siding in good condition, and maintaining it over the years, is a great way to ensure it stays durable and in good shape. So, what are some good ways to maintain your siding?

  • Inspecting- It is important to give your siding a good inspection every now and then. Keeping an eye out for any cracks, damage, warping, or gaps can help to catch any issue early. You can also reach out to a professional like us for an inspection. Professionals will usually be able to identify problems that the average homeowner might not know to look for. We always offer inspections for free!
  • Vegetation- Maintaining the vegetation growth around your house is essential for protecting your siding. This prevents the growth of mold and mildew while ensuring air circulation to your siding.
  • Cleaning- If you notice any excess dirt buildup, you can always gently wash your siding with a low pressure hose. That being said, avoid high-pressure washing which can damage your siding. 

Keeping your siding in good shape is a great way to ensure that your home is in the best possible condition. Healthy siding insulates your home and lowers energy costs. It prevents leaks and mold growth within your home as well. Maintaining your siding helps to give it the longest lifespan and gives you the most out of your investment. If you suspect you might have an issue with your siding, you can call us and we would be happy to come give a free inspection. If we find anything that needs fixing, we will talk it over with you and you can make any and all decisions from there. We look forward to speaking with you!

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