How Sturdy is Your Metaphorical Roof?

As you know, we at C3 American Exteriors specialize in roofing. From repairs to inspections to maintenance, we are the experts of all things roof-related. 

Let’s talk about what a roof is.

What is its purpose?

It is the top of the house. It covers us and protects us, guarding us from the outdoor elements. In the summer, it shades us, and in the winter, it keeps us warm. It shields the interior of the house from the rain, the snow, the humidity… 

But why does any of this matter? Why are we talking about roofs?

Well, answer this question: What do you know about your roof?

You’re probably picturing your home right now, thinking about the materials that create the solid awning over the rest of the building. 

However, this is not the roof we are referring to. 

The roof we are talking about is metaphorical. It is the roof that we hold over ourselves emotionally, shielding us from the things that can hurt us. We all have one of these “roofs,” and for some, they are stronger. For others, they are weak and falling apart, unsupported by their foundations. 

Now, think of this roof, and notice what comes to mind. Would you say yours is strong or weak, supported or caving in? Do you feel that your needs are being met?

Yes, we are asking you to think of yourself and your emotions as a house. Maybe this seems silly, but like we said, we specialize in all-things roofs, and we mean it. 

If your emotions were represented as a house, how stable would that house be? Do you have proper walls in place to keep yourself safe? 

Your house needs to be strong enough to support your roof. You have to keep yourself happy and take the time to support you before you can do the same for everybody else.

Would you let somebody into your house if it was falling apart? If the roof was caving in, would you just sit there and watch it?

So once again, we ask you to think of your roof. Are there proper supports in place to hold it up? 

Have you spent the necessary time to take care of yourself? To do the things that make you happy? To be with the people who hold you up? 

Do you feel that your structure is strong on its own? 

Is there anything you need to add to it?

Is there anything missing?

This may seem very deep, especially on a roofing website, but this is a reminder to you that a house is not just a house. It needs walls, rooms, plumbing, floors, insulation, heating, air conditioning, and, of course, roofs.

No two houses are the same. Each one has different needs.

We all have different needs. 

Are you meeting yours?

If the answer is yes, then keep doing what you are doing. It sounds like your roof is strong and your home is properly being taken care of.

However, if you answered no, which of your needs are not being met, and what can you do to meet them?

Houses need updates throughout time. You can’t just stick to the original build and never have it checked up on and maintained. If you don’t clean the gutters, the rain gets trapped and the roof leaks, letting the outer elements in.

The same goes for us. We need to take the time to check in with ourselves. Do we need any maintenance?

Self-care does not make us weak, and maintenance to a house does not make it weaker. It makes it stronger. 

Self-care makes us stronger.

So why are we, a roofing company, interested in how you care for and support yourself? 

We care about you. Like we said, we are experts in all things roofs. We know stability, and we know what it takes to construct a healthy, solid foundation. 

While the foundation we are talking about here might be metaphorical, it still applies. We care about the world we build our houses in and the people who live within those houses. It is important to us that you not only take care of the homes we build for you, but that you take care of you.

People are what is important.

You are important.

Let that sink in. 

Does it feel true? It is true.

We can spread love and joy all around us but we must also do the same for ourselves. 

As Thanksgiving approaches, our challenge for you is to examine your emotional house. Take a look at the metaphorical roof that arches over your home. Ask yourself if it needs some maintenance or an update. If it was a physical house, would you be making calls to fix it up?

You deserve just as much, if not more, attention and support as your house does. 

Do us a favor and check in with you.

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