How Salty Air Affects Your Home- From Rehoboth Beach to the Carolinas

Do you live near the ocean? We work on beach houses in multiple different states, from the beaches in Delaware and Maryland to the beaches in the Carolinas. These houses face a unique set of risks from existing so close to the salty water, and we are not talking about floods. Believe it or not, the actual salt in the air can slowly corrode parts of your home over time. Whether you live near Rehoboth Beach or the Carolinas, your home may be at risk from the salty air.

The closer you live to the ocean, the more the salt water can affect your home. The ocean water evaporated and mixed with the air, giving it that salty beach smell that we all love. However, it can also do quite a bit of damage. If you have metal on the exterior of your home— from metal roofs to metal around your windows— corrosion poses a greater risk. Salty air also causes rusting. This is important to be aware of since metal roofs are rather popular for beach houses; this is due to the fact that metal can withstand storms and intense winds. If you live near Rehoboth Beach or the Carolinas, and you have a metal roof, keep an eye out for rust and corrosion. In addition, it might be best to learn what kind of metal roofs last longer when facing salty air, such as aluminum.

While metal can corrode and rust from being near the ocean, salty air can also seep into wood, forming salt crystals that damage the structure of your home overtime. 

It is important to learn as much as you can about your environment, no matter which area you live in. If you live near Rehoboth Beach or the Carolinas, just be aware of corrosion and structural damage to stay on top of possible issues. As always, if you have an questions at all, give us a call!

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