How Pollen Can Impact Your Roof and How Power Washing Can Help

Spring has arrived, and with it, flowers everywhere are blooming and awakening from their winter hibernation. These beautiful flowers make a gorgeous sight, but they also carry loads of pollen. In fact, this year, allergies are some of the worst they have been in years with the amount of pollen sticking to everything. Cars are tinged yellow, the ground is a carpet of irritants, and houses have layers of pollen painting them. Most of the time, when people think of pollen, they focus on allergies and the annoyance of having to clean it off of everything. However, pollen can have a negative impact on your house too. Did you know that pollen can affect your roof and siding? In this blog, we will take a look at how pollen can harm your home, and why you should try power washing as a solution.

Pollen might appear harmless at first glance. But these tiny grains can cause a series of changes for your home. As pollen accumulates over time, it can create a layer that traps moisture. If you read our blogs, you know how dangerous trapped moisture can be for your roof and siding; it can lead to mold, mildew, moss, algae, and so much more forming on your home. These come with major health risks, especially for those who are sensitive to these invaders or who have weak immune systems. In addition, if you suffer from bad allergies, havign pollen clinging to your home will only make them so much worse!

One of the best solutions for pollen accumulation is pressure washing. In fact, pressure washing can even help with some of the mold or mildew that has already built up by washing it away. We offer pressure washing for a reason. Do you need your home pressure washed? If so, call us today!

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