How Exterior Remodeling Can Make Your Home Safer

Updating your home with exterior remodeling is a great way to enhance curb appeal and unleash your creativity. However, did you know that exterior remodeling can also increase the safety of your home? The longer someone goes without making necessary changes to their house, the more susceptible they are to further damage. Preexisting issues with the material of your home makes it weaker, allowing storms and intense weather to wear it down more and more. So, how can exterior remodeling protect you and your family? Let’s take a look!

Roof Renovations: A damaged roof can cause leaks, ice dams, mold, and so much more. Whether shingles are bent or fully missing, the more a damaged roof is exposed to bad weather, the worse it gets. You may simply need a repair, or you might need a whole new roof. Luckily, good insurance will have your back, and we are happy to work with them! Don’t put yourself and your family at risk by avoiding necessary roof construction. 

Siding: Similar to your roof, if your siding has damage, your home becomes more exposed to the elements. Not only can this cause issues like leaks and mold, but this can increase your energy usage and costs. Updating your siding when necessary will save you money while keeping your family safer.

Gutters: While a clogged gutter can be cleared, a broken or bent gutter will need to be replaced. Leaving a gutter broken allows rain and snow to build up on your roof anc cause ice dams, floods, and damage. Replacing your gutters when necessary is essential.

These are just some of the many ways that updating your home can increase your family’s safety. Do you need some exterior remodeling work done? Give us a call today!

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