How Does Ice Impact Your Roof?


As the weather continues to get colder, you might notice that first thing in the morning, everything seems to be covered in a sheet of ice.

Your roof is not exempt from this, unfortunately. While a very thin layer of ice probably will not cause too much harm, the closer we get to the winter, the more intense the weather will be. 

So, how does ice impact your roof? 

Can it be dangerous? 

What should you look out for?

Read on to find out!


While a little bit of ice might not make too much of a difference, a lot of ice can definitely do some damage. Heavy chunks of ice on your roof can start to weigh it down, putting pressure on it. This might cause some damage to your shingles. 

Another problem to look out for is ice dams. When snow or ice accumulates on your roof, they might eventually melt and then freeze into your gutters. This can clog them and prevent them from properly being able to move water away from the roof itself.

Ice dams are one of the issues that we worry about the most. If your roof cannot drain excess water away, it will be forced to hold the weight of it. This can lead to leaks, floods, roof damage, and so much more.

Sometimes, when ice melts and then refreezes, it can freeze within the cracks of your roofs and between the shingles, expanding and possibly even causing damage overtime. 

If your roof is prone to ice dams and leaks, you will definitely want to have it inspected before winter really sets in. There are also many products online that help to prevent ice dams (such as heating cables, adhesive barriers, and much more.)

Some people rake or push the ice and snow off of their roofs, but if you are not experienced in this, we definitely do not want you going up onto an icy roof for the first time.

This is why calling a professional is essential.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!


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