How a New Roof Can Help Cool Your House Down in This Hot Weather

We are sure you already know this, but the weather has been insanely hot recently in many different areas. The scorching temperature has been affecting the East Coast quite a bit, and many homeowners are finding it difficult to keep their houses cool. Even with the air condition blasting, you might still be facing an unreasonably hot house. This has been the case among many homeowners in Maryland. If you live in Maryland, and find that your home will not cool down, this may be a sign that it is time for a new roof. Luckily, we offer roofing in many areas in Maryland and we are happy to help!

Anytime you update your roofing system, you will have more product overall. The problem is that over time, especially when you’ve had a roof for many, many years, the materials can begin to erode and wear down. This means that older shingles will be thinner than newer ones. 

Thicker shingles allow for more product between you and the heat. In addition, a new roof will have better insulation, creating a better barrier to keep the weather out of your home. 

Shingles also have granules that coat them. They are ceramic baked and actually reflect UV rays away from the home, automatically making your house cooler. Overtime, as a roof gets older, these granules may fall off due to storms, hail, tree branches, and much more. This can make your home more vulnerable to heat. It makes sense why a new roofing system with fresh granules would allow for better cooling of your home.

If you have been dealing with the heat and can’t get your house to cool down, give us a call so we can get you started on the right path. 

If you live in Maryland and are looking for a new roof, we can help!

We also do work in the surrounding states. Checkout our website to see if we offer roofing near you!

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