Holiday Decorations and Protecting your Siding

We are once again reaching the time of year where the holidays all seem to sneak up on us at once. Decorations are beginning to show up everything, lighting up the world around us, and making the houses glow. While these lights create a beautiful winter wonderland, they are not always the best idea to put on your house.

Why is this?

We are all for making your home look gorgeous with decorations, but we become concerned when we see so many people doing so in a way that can actually harm their homes, especially when it comes to their siding.

The siding of your home is the outer layer that protects your house, makes it look nice, and provides insulation. You can see just how important this part of your home is, and that is why, when people just haphazardly nail decorations into their siding, we become concerned.

We have discussed this issue in previous blogs, but we like to give this reminder every year to ensure that you are taking the best possible care of your home.

We recommend using siding hooks. These are also sometimes referred to as siding hangers. The hooks can be slipped onto the outside of the siding, or even secured there permanently if you choose, and you can then connect decorations to the hooks directly. This takes pressure off of your siding and does not leave it with any permanent damage or holes like nails would.

Remember that decorations are temporary, so the way you hang them up should also be temporary. If you have to permanently alter your home to make it ready for the holidays, you might want to reconsider how you are hanging your decorations. 

So, when it comes to your siding, always take precautions and treat it well. The more you take care of your siding, the longer it will last, hopefully saving you money in the future.

We hope you are excited for the holidays!

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