Hail and Roof Damage

As the winter months trudge on, some areas have been dealing with both snow and hail storms. We have many blog posts that discuss how snow can damage your roof, and how to avoid this type of damage, but in this blog, we will be talking about hail. 

Hail storms can have a wide range of results depending on the size of the hail. The bigger the hail, the more damage it will cause. 

Sometimes, you won’t be able to see the harm done to your roof as clearly. Hail can leave small bits of damage that aren’t as visible from a distance. This is why, if you ever have any doubt whatsoever about your roof, call a professional to get it looked at. Even if the damage is minimal, overtime, the shingles of your roof can continue to weaken from other elements, and eventually fall off. Without shingles, your home becomes exposed to the outdoors and elements. 

After a hail storm, it is best to look around your house, searching for signs of damage. Always check the gutters as well. If the gutters are broken and not functioning properly, you are at risk for floods, ice dams, and so much more! The siding should also be looked at and assessed for breaks or dents. 

If your roof is too tall to climb (and we honestly do not recommend climbing your roof unless you are experienced or a professional) then looking around the rest of the exterior of the home can give you an idea of what the roof might look like. If the windows, siding, gutters, desk, balcony, or any other area of the house has damage, your roof might as well. This is a sign that it is time to call in some professionals to double check your roof. Even just hail that is one inch or less can leave you with minor damage, and as we now know, minor damage can lead to bigger problems in the future!

There are many different kinds of damage that hail can cause. It might leave a tiny dent, remove granules from the shingles, bend or break the shingles, and so much more. Be on the lookout for any change to your house after a hailstorm, and again, if you aren’t sure, call a professional. You would rather get a free inspection than spend a lot of money getting major issues fixed. This is also why yearly inspections of your house are super important. 

When it comes to storms, you can never be too safe. So, stay safe out there!


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