Flat VS Pitched Roofs

Do you know the difference between flat and pitched roofs? Did you know they each have pros and cons? Every roof is different and unique, and when you are choosing a roof, you should take the time to really think about what works best for you. Most of the time, the shape of your roof is already decided unless you are starting your house from scratch or redoing it completely.

So, what is the difference between a flat and a pitched roof?

To start, a flat roof is exactly what it sounds like: flat. Meanwhile, a pitched roof will have a slope in it.

So, which roof lasts longer?Overall, pitched roofs have a longer lifespan. This will of course vary depending on the material used for the roof itself, but certain pitched roofs can actually last up to fifty years. Alternatively, a flat roof will probably not have quite as long of a lifespan.

A flat roof is actually cheaper up front since less materials are required to put it together. It also allows the attic or inner roof to provide more space instead of arching down at the sides. However, since it is flat, this type of roof also comes with quite a few downsides. You are more likely to have damage and trouble with a flat roof since water can easily collect on top of it, whereas an arched roof will drip water down the sides of it and have an easier time doing so. While flat roofs do have a bit of a slope to prevent this from happening, it is still more likely to happen than with an arched roof.

The main con to a pitched roof is the upfront cost, but overall, it has many more pros than cons. That being said, you must always choose the roof that makes the most sense to you. So, do your research and have fun, and as always, you can always call us with any questions.

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