Finding Bugs in Your Home and What This Means for Your Doors and Windows

Have you been finding bugs in your home? Now that winter is here, and the cold weather has set in, you might be finding insects appearing in your home. These critters are attracted to the warmth that your house provides, and if you live in areas like Pennsylvania or Maryland, you might be seeing quite a bit of them. However, you might not know that the appearance of insects can mean that it is time to replace your windows and doors. Everybody finds a bug in their house every now and then, but if you are seeing an ongoing presence of pests, there might be a bigger problem to look into. If you live in cold areas like Pennsylvania or Maryland, and you are seeing an annoying infestation of bugs, the problem could be related to your windows and/or doors.

So, how do doors and windows cause bugs to sneak inside? You see, as windows get older, the frame around them can expand and contract overtime. This creates small crevices and introduces the lack of a proper seal, allowing air to creep in. Not only does this affect your energy costs, but the same issue can allow little critters to creep their way into your home. Doors can present the same problem when their frames and material expand and contract. If you feel the cold temperature wafting into your house, you might be at risk for a bug infestation as well.

The good news is that if this is the cause of your problem, you can replace old doors and windows to solve the issue. If you are not sure, you can call a professional for an inspection. We offer inspections for free!

If you are experiencing drafts and bugs creeping in, and you live in places we service like Maryland or Pennsylvania, give us a call so we can offer a free inspection of your home!

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