Filing Insurance Claims About Roof Damage: What is Our Process?

Did you know that at C3 American Exteriors we have a department that deals with insurance? That’s right! We can help you with all areas of the construction and roofing processes, and this includes insurance.

So, what is the process from finding damage to filing a claim? What happens after the claim is filed?

Read on to find out!

The first thing you should do whenever you have any sign of roofing damage is to immediately call a company like us to come and take a look. We offer free inspections, and many companies do the same.

Often, people call us because of a leak. What they suspect is just a leak might be more damage than they thought. Storm damage can be tough to locate sometimes, and if you don’t know what to look for, or if it is just too high up to see, you might have no idea that your roof needs to be fixed.

Based on what we find, we will then write up a report and include any signs of damage. From there, you must file a claim since we cannot file it for you. We can, however, walk you through the process and give you the proper information so that you feel comfortable going into it. In your claim, you will describe the damage along with the name of the company that found it. 

Your insurance will then take your info and will have an adjuster come meet you at your house for an adjustment meeting. The adjuster will also reach out to your roofing company. At this point, we would then send a sales rep to the house on your behalf. 

Insurance companies are not coming out with the intention to buy the roof. We will explain all of the damage that was found, and then everyone has to wait on the adjuster to give a report to let us know whether or not they will cover it. In our experience, the more notable the damage, the more likely it is to be covered. However, if there is very minimal damage, a roof replacement probably won’t be needed, and your insurance will often offer to pay only for what is necessary. For example, if the damage is towards the front of the roof, they may only offer to pay to replace that side of it. 

Every insurance provider has different procedures, and whether or not they will cover the damage depends on the company. The first step to getting any issue fixed is reaching out to a professional roofing company and going from there. Feel free to give us a call. We have an insurance department and can answer any questions you have. 

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