Embrace the Winter Weather Outdoors: Use Your Deck Year-Round

As the weather continues to turn colder, homeowners are opting to spend their time indoors. However, there are so many ways to utilize your outdoors space even during the winter. If you have a deck and wish you could use it year-round, then this is the blog for you. 

With just a bit of creativity and proper preparations, you can transform your deck into a comfortable space for the winter weather. You might consider adding weather-resistant furniture— such as comfortable chairs with water-proof cushions— so that you can cozy up outdoors. Throw in some thermal blankets and a hot beverage, you and can keep yourself warm while enjoying the fresh air. 

You might also choose to decorate with lights now that it gets darker earlier. From LED candles to string lights to solar pathway lights, there are so many ways to add a magical glow in the darker season. 

In addition, adding a firepit— and choosing one that is safe to use on a deck— can make your outdoor space a great place to gather with friends in the winter weather. You can even roast marshmallows to make some s’mores! 

You might even opt to plant some winter-friendly greenery. Many plants can withstand the winter weather. Even a few pots of these can add a fun pop of green when most plants go dormant.

At C3 American Exteriors, one of our specialties is decks. We believe that a beautiful and cozy deck and completely transform your space. So, why not use it year-round? From weather-safe heaters to fire pits, you can get creative and spice up your space to enjoy it in just about any weather. If you want to use your deck but it needs some fixing up, we can help. Give us a call today so we can help create the deck of your dreams!

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