Dollar Back Nail Guarantee 

At C3 American Exteriors, we aim to provide the best possible experience for our customers. This includes taking accountability for ourselves and ensuring that we leave their property exactly how we found it. Ever since we first started providing roofing services in Hanover, Pennsylvania, we have made accountability a priority. Now, even as we have grown and spread to multiple different states, we have continued to hold ourselves accountable. 

We have found that many exterior remodeling companies do not always take the extra time to make sure that the whole property is clean and the way it was found. That is why we started our dollar back nail guarantee. This not only lets our customers know from the beginning how we plan to hold ourselves accountable, but it ensures that if anything were to not be perfect, we will give back to our clients in some way.

So, how does our dollar back nail guarantee work? It is really quite simple. We want to make sure that we do not leave a single nail behind when we are done providing our services. We always ensure that we dispose of any trash at the end of a job, and this includes every single nail. This is so important to us that we make the promise to our clients that if any nail is found left behind, we will take responsibility. For every single nail found, we will give one dollar back to our customers for up to a week after our services. 

Whether you have worked with us before, and have stuck around from the moment we started in Hanover, Pennsylvania, or if you are a brand new client for us, we will always offer our dollar back guarantee to you. 

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